Used and new warehouse equipment


Pallet racks

The company GMC has the greatest stock of used pallet racks. There is over 10.000 pallet units of various dimensions, colors and brands always in our warehouse. The company GMC meets the demands of the customers and can offer services of change of color, depth and height of the racks as well as special alterations in accordance to our customer’s needs. Our used racks are the height up to 12 meters and the capacity from 100 kg up to 1300 kg per pallet unit.

Our company offers wide variety of new pallet racks of all height and capacity as well as other specific details such as color, steel decking panel, upright protectors etc.

System of pallet racks is used for storing of goods of various dimensions and purposes as well as on Euro pallets. Storing can be done with the usage of forklift or manually on the racks with steel decking, mesh or plywood.














































Additions to the racks

The company GMC also manufactures parts for racks such as: upright protectors, rails, metal or mesh decking and similar.




















































Drive in racks

Drive in-flow through racks are used for large series of  goods of the same type, greater quantities of the same product or when the system LI-FO allows it (Last In- First Out), the first is being loaded and the last unloaded. We are offering you both new and used drive in racks.

Storage of the goods in the pallet racks is done on Euro or box pallets with the capacity of pallet unit up to 1200 kg. Material is being stored one above the other in the rails and is being pushed until the end of the rack. It can be emptied on one side (one-side system) or on both sides (two-side system).

Advantages of the system are:

  • Efficient storage, saving of space
  • Good control of the stored goods
  • Optimal usage of storage area
  • Shorter transport lines






















Cantilever racks

We can offer you all types of cantilever racks with great prices. Apart from new racks, we can offer you used cantilever racks.

Cantilever racks are ideal for storage of long horizontal materials such as: pipes, beams, wooden material, profiles, plywood, plates and the material of non-standard dimensions. Capacity, height and the upright depth, options between one-side and two-side cantilever racks, are decisions which can be decided on by our customers.

Advantages of this type of storage are:

  • possibility of adjusting to the various needs for different and specific materials
  • optimal usage of storage area
  • possible usage outside with built-in roofing and corrosion protection






















Storage shelves

Apart from warehouse equipment for heavier material that is being stored on the pallets, our company offers storage shelves (archival shelves) intended for storage of less heavier goods, packages, files and similar. Storage of the goods is mostly done manually on the metal decking. We offer both used and new shelves. Height of the shelves can be adjusted according to the demands of the client, depth of the shelves spans from 0,3 m up to 1m while width of the shelves spans from 0,4 up to 1,5 m. We offer both galvanized and painted shelves with capacity from 20 kg per level up to 500 kg.

















Platforms are steel constructions that enable maximum usage of storage area. The purpose of these constructions is to use the existing storage space, with minimum of investments and without significant construction licenses.

Depending on the height of the hall, there is a possibility of building more floors that are connected with stairs or elevator.

Our team of expert will offer you the best solution in terms of price and the storage usability. Apart from steel platforms, our company can manufacture pallet racks platforms or storage shelves platforms, depending on your needs.



























































Rack halls

Rack halls are quick, simple and efficient solution to the storage problem of our customers. Pallet racks are assembled on the existing concrete slab, which serve also as the support base for the metal construction, sub construction as well as for the panels and sheet metal that are used for closing of the warehouse. On the small surfaces, optimum usability and maximum storage space is being achieved.




























Prefabricated halls

Our team of experts offers you complete program of manufacture of metal constructions from the draft, 3D visualization, to preliminary design up to project design – turnkey principle. During the process of manufacturing, we use latest technology and material that enables static stability with low prices of assembly.  Closing of the hall, roof and the walls is completed with insulation panels of various types, all following the demands of our customers.

Advantages of prefabricated halls:

  • low price of building
  • fast and simple assembly
  • dimensioning according to your needs
  • possibility of simple expansion
  • simple maintenance
  • durability
  • if necessary, possibility of disassembly and further sale